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It is not that you say, "Yes, I am. This website requires that JavaScript be enabled to function correctly Please amend your browser settings to enable JavaScript. And why is it enough? It will take time; months will pass. But we are not aware of ourselves. Suddenly, even your questioning will stop. When the sutra says "Be aware you are", what will you do? Before that point comes you cannot ask, "Who am I? With this thought the knowing of our own Being as it is, is veiled and the search for happiness begins. This is exactly what we have to understand.

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    images self-remembering ouspensky

    According to Gurdjieff self-remembering is a state of consciousness in which P.D. Ouspensky spoke of the division of attention which is the characteristic. Gurdjieff used self-remembering as a basic technique in the West.

    Self Remembering

    When Ouspensky was learning with Gurdjieff, for three months he had to make much effort.
    Will you remember that you belong to such and such a family, to such and such a religion and tradition? For the same reason deep sleep cannot be remembered. One moment you will feel it is there, the next moment you will have moved away. He seeks to distinguish something in himself that is not any of these things nor a thousand other similar things created by life in him.

    It will take time; months will pass. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? If your mind is a mirror, it can reflect the whole world.

    images self-remembering ouspensky
    It will take time; months will pass.

    It looks very easy, but you will go on forgetting. And when even the question, "Who am I?

    SelfRemembering by P.D. Ouspensky

    It will be difficult. Successfully added! All the answers fall down, and then the question itself falls down and disappears.

    To begin with I would say that self remembering and being present are not so calling it being present doesn't have the right flavor or as Ouspensky says 'taste.

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    A question that is often asked about self-remembering can be formulated like a teacher—had read one of Ouspensky's books and that they were interested in. Only those results will have any value that are accompanied by self-remembering​. Otherwise you yourselves do not exist in your observations. In which case.
    Whom are you questioning? They are from the unreal part of you.

    Think how difficult it is to over- come False Personality, which makes pleasant relations impossible. This nonverbal feeling, even if for only a single moment, will give you a glimpse — a glimpse which no LSD can give you, a glimpse which is of the real. Is this far more tempting than that you can have money or sex as you desire?

    images self-remembering ouspensky
    Self-remembering ouspensky
    No effort can take you to this presence of Awareness.

    Self Remembering and Being Be Present First

    You may be aware of the whole world, but if you are not aware of yourself that awareness is false. It will be difficult. The whole Gurdjieffian system is based on this one sutra. Once you try to go back, once you try to contact the real, it will look like craziness, it will look like madness. Only that which is apparently not the Self can be remembered.

    In Gurdjieff's own words, Self Remembering could be described thus - "There are Here is another description of Self Remembering from Mme Ouspensky.

    You spent time in Ouspensky's school who is a disciple of one of my favourites gurus Gurdijeff. I can see that basically his teaching involves self-remembering. Self-remembering is by far the most important idea of the system. The other ideas​, while interesting, serve to support it. At best they help our.
    Try it. Take yourself— you may think you do not want power. He seeks to lift himself above himself—above the noise of himself—above the inner clamour of negative emotions, grievances, fears, suspicious feelings, anxious thoughts, worries, money, professional and business excitements, above odd vanities and conceits, and false self-valuation and, I might add, false valuations of others.

    You can practice this: relaxing in a chair or just sitting under a tree, forget everything and feel this "you-are-ness.


    Yes, things created by life have the same taste, as in a restaurant or on board ship the food tastes the same to the senses. Remember, he had to go through everything that you in this Work have to go through.

    images self-remembering ouspensky
    Try it.

    Your eyes can see everyone, but your eyes cannot see themselves.

    images self-remembering ouspensky

    There is nothing else present such as an independent entity with its own individual ability to know, that could know or be aware of anything. In fact, it would require an effort to pretend not to be this Presence.

    SelfRemembering – Ouspensky Today

    The Self is ever-present - to remember it or to long for it is to seemingly deny its presence here and now. And self-remembering is not a mental process. Once the forms and names are forgotten, once you have a look within to the nameless and the formless, you have moved into the eternal: Be aware you are and discover the ever-living.


    1. They are coming from words, they are coming from scriptures, they are coming from conditioning, they are coming from society, they are coming from others. That is the right moment.

    2. As we are, really, we are mad.

    3. Instantly, automatically, we are thrown to the reflection.

    4. And you can do it at any time. The searching thought is like a fish in the ocean looking for water!